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Helping You Be Visible Where Your Customers Are Active

If you aren’t regularly posting or engaging customers and prospects on social media, you might be missing a huge opportunity to generate more attention. We can help you be more active and be front and center to your audience by:

  • Creating a Weekly Content calendar and  scheduling posts
  • Interacting with others to increase engagement
  • Being there when people reach out to you
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Content calendar and posting

The more times your customers and prospects are seeing your company, reading your content, or even seeing you curate relevant content on social media – the more likely they are going to think of you when it's time to buy. We post for you strategically, regularly, and without you having to think about it.

Increasing engagement by engaging!

What happens when someone favorites your tweet or follows you? When they comment on your Instagram post – or show up in your feed? You might check them out! Over time – the more people checking you out from regular engagement, the more possible customers you're in front of on social media.

Being there when people engage you

It looks bad when someone messages your company, comments, or tweets at you and you are M.I.A. – but you have a company to run, or other activities to attend to than to sit around all day ready to attack a new message on your Facebook page. We can make it painless, by responding to those things for you and relaying important messages and leads when appropriate.

Social Media Services that align with your goals

We want you to be famous in your niche – whether that’s a certain group of cities, with a certain subset of people – or whoever your target customers are: we want to generate more eyeballs on your company and what you can do that fulfills a need.

Social media is becoming more and more of a necessity for small and mid-size businesses alike, and companies that don’t have an internal team could benefit from a strategic partner to make sure their strategy and approach to social is systematically executed.

Are you aware of the possible opportunities of working with a company for Social Media Marketing Services? We’d love to chat with you and see if we might be the right fit to help you be present, be visible, and be available on social media. If we’re not the right fit we’ll be up front, but try to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts anyways! That’s just the way we do business.

Social Media marketing that engages idea customers, and showcases your expertise

Why fumble around in the dark for what might work on social media, when you could have a partner who’s time-tested several sure-fire strategies to succeed in winning the attention game on social media.

We know how to get eyeballs on your content, and engage people regularly in a way that feels natural and keeps your business top of mind. You could hire a recent marketing graduate to run your social media at 2x the cost of what it takes for us to do work twice as effectively. Because we’ve got the tricks and the conventions down, and love combining social with SEO to get more leads, we just need to collaborate with you on the tone and key value propositions for us to be able to knock it out of the park with your audience.

Let’s get started creating excellent content for your social channels – contact us now to get a consultation about whether our social media marketing services are right for you!

Questions and Answers about Social Media Marketing Services

SEO takes a while, and we often say 6-9 months before you start to get clear R.O.I and heavier leads than you were before. Real compounding benefits start after 9 months, a year, a year and a half – but in 3-6 months there should be showing upward traffic graphs / leading indicators of heavier growth.

The basic habits of SEO can bring you a long way, without deep knowledge – but 8+ years doing this has taught me that real expertise takes time. That’s why with a team of 12 all dedicated to increasing website traffic and conversion, multiplied by an avg. 40 hours a week – 480 hours a week total learning what works and what doesn’t, rubbing shoulders, sharing knowledge with each other – allows us to go deeper than the average in-house SEO. For most growth-oriented businesses we believe hiring a SEO Services company is smarter than hiring in-house. You benefit from 1000’s of hours of testing and refining processes.

That first month we create a content calendar you can take on your own and use if you wanted. We create SEO audits and will occasionally share them with you. Different than many agencies – who outline the work, and tell you to do it. We do that work that’s outlined in technical audits. We set out a specific word count per month and have writers in our office that write that. We do outreach and get links back to your site monthly. A dashboard that shows our progress, year over year traffic.

Absolutely not. But we talk about clear ROI in 6-9-12 months, and it starts to compound after that. We suggest people don’t work with a Minneapolis SEO company if they don’t plan on thinking long-term about SEO. We’re probably not the best choice if you aren’t willing to work with us for a year or longer.

Almost everything we do will continue to benefit for a long time. Writing guest articles for other websites that link back to you, the content we write on your site, and in some cases, the P.R. mentions we’ve earned back to your site will continue to benefit you and potentially even increase lightly in effectiveness over the next 6-12 months after you stopped working with us / even if you stopped working with us. That being said NEW EFFORT regularly, is what will ensure that that graph doesn’t level off and even start dropping in the long-term.

We currently have SEO plans starting at $3,497 and it’s a month to month contract. That being said – we use the first year of any engagement and are looking to prove out the concept for your company and hope to increase the investment if we can 5x or 10x what you spend with us in return on investment.

In 2020 company’s spent more than $79.27 billion on SEO and that’s more than triple what it was in 2010! (22.1B) So no – SEO is not dying, its tripling every 10 years.
Traffic from search engines like Google drives more than 50 percent of all website traffic. (That’s more than paid and social combined!)
What about that giant chunk of ads at the top of Google?
70 to 80% of people searching focus on organic search results, completely skipping that giant block of ads at the top.

SEO is one of the most important business development drivers in 2020. Of course, there are many exceptions – many businesses have ignored SEO, and driven growth only through referrals. But if your customers Google (and they almost certainly do) – you should be doing SEO.
How much business can SEO drive?
Depending on your industry – many companies get 40% of their business from Google search! So for instance for a 1 million dollar company an average company – $400,000 of it might come from Google organic traffic.
But does it turn into business?
SEO, on average has a 14.6 percent close rate. Uh oh! Is that bad?
Nope – compared to traditional marketing, that’s amazing. Shockingly, it’s 8x the close rate of traditional marketing, which sits at 1.7%.

Most businesses worry about bringing in enough leads

We build beautiful websites and aggressively integrate them with Google search to hook better leads, so you can focus on what you love to do most – serving your customers

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