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Social Stack Framework

Our Social Stack Framework (SSF) maximizes your ability to get new clients coming in the door day-in-and-day-out, with consistency and persistence. This unique framework has helped our partners grow their revenue by over 400%.

Partnering with us means applying our unique SSF framework to your business for maximum results. Our services for Facebook Ad Buying, content training, and done-for-you video editing work together to build a powerhouse of a social platform for your existing brand.

What’s included:

  • Digital Ad Campaigns (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Reactivation Campaigns
  • Content Training
  • Personalized Social Media Playbook
  • Access To Our Editing Team (10 hours/month, with additional hours available)
  • Branding Workshop

How It Works

Getting Started: The Craftsman Discovery Exploration

To build a new deal acquisition machine, you need a blueprint, training, accountability, and transparency. This is where we discover your needs and how we can help you take your practice to the next level. This process will determine how we move forward together. Learn how you can build lasting client relationships, capture and retain leads, create raving fans for your brand, and grow your revenue steadily with our proven framework.



Creating Facebook & Instagram Ads that turn cold prospects into raving fans starts with clarity of brand, and messaging. Without a clear idea who who your target market is, you’re no better than your competitors, pumping out promotions no one wants.


Content Creation​

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How Your customers shop home services is changing

The simple fact is that most people don’t get the current state of marketing. As much as we may wish it was as simple as 1-2-3, a nuanced approach to the client journey requires relentless resilience.

How people think the client journey looks

Welcome to the modern age of contractor marketing.

When you’re promoting your painting business, you aren’t just going up against the other 500,000 painting companies in the nation. To your prospective clients, you’re being processed in exactly the same mental category as Amazon, Starbucks, and Netflix. 

The key is to differentiate yourself by telling your unique value proposition. And then repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Get the picture? It takes what it takes to reach your clients.

How the client journey really looks

Build Lasting Relationships


Capturing The Lead

Building a strong brand increases lead volume, and quality. But can be wasted if staff aren’t trained on how to properly handle leads or follow up. We provide extensive training that allows you to convert record high amount of leads, from any source.


Starting The Job

After the initial phone call, prospects will receive automatic follow-up emails with additional description of services, financing options, links to blogs, informational packets, and your business website for further information.


Create Brand Advocates

The Deal Acquisition and Retention Framework empowers your team to provide outstanding customer service to your clients. They will experience a seamless process and will receive regular updates and notifications via email and text. Client testimonials and reviews are encouraged and referrals are rewarded.

Whats Included

Everything You Need For Killer Marketing & Real Results

Legit Web Design

Get your own custom-designed “lead gen” website that pulls in new jobs like clockwork.

A Lead-Tracking Dashboard

Access your private CRM (customer relationship management tool) and keep tabs on your contracts.

Proven FB & Google Ads

Laser-focused review of ad conversion rates for total optimization – so you’re more than visible, you’re booked solid.

Unlimited 1-on-1 Support

You get a dedicated Client Success Manager and Marketing Manager to handle your account.

Behind-The-Scenes Wizardry

We constantly experiment and fine-tune based on data and the latest trends . . . so you get more jobs.

No Contracts, Ever.

All services are month-to-month or a la carte. Never pay for stuff you don’t need.

Ready To Get Started?

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