Stop wasting time chasing leads.

Get a steady stream of qualified appointments directly on your calendar.

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"They have taken my small business to a whole new level."
- Alpha Omega Painters


A Marketing & Appointment Setting System That Provides Leads & Booked Appointments For Contractors Hell-Bent On Growing Their Business

We want you to stop worrying about where the jobs are going to come from.

Instead, you should be focused on making your service the best in your market. We partner with contractors all over the country and help them get more jobs, build trust with their community, and set record sales months.


Everything You Need To Scale Your Painting/Remodeling Company

Our partnership equips you with all necessary marketing and conversion infrastructure so you can just focus on SELLING and DELIVERING on the jobs… all the while BUILDING YOUR BRAND

Your target customer is searching, don’t let them find your competitors. 

We enact bleeding-edge SEO and SEM marketing to ensure you show up when your market comes knocking.

Only 3% of your market is currently looking to buy RIGHT NOW.

The fastest growing Painting/Remodeling companies in the US know that fortunes are built by targeting the 67% that are researching, but not yet ready to buy.

We reach this market via social media & offline marketing strategies.

You hate calling leads.

I know it. You know it.

Most of us are on top of our leads when we’re starving, but then get lax when we don’t need the work. 

This perpetuates the feast & famine cycle.

Break the cycle by having an expert trained sales person call your leads and book your appointments for you.

Bring on more sales people, grow your company.

The Old Way

The New Way

Case Study

200k - 1M In 12 Months


They’ve helped our company go from $200k to $1 million in sales. Cannot thank them enough or brag on them enough. The knowledge they possess and the expertise they have in their field is astounding.

Matthew Johnson


Swift Painting

Get Qualified Appointments Directly On Your Calendar

ContractorX makes it easy to fill your sales pipeline with qualified appointments. No more dropping everything to call the new lead that came in.

Simple & Easy

Business growth on autopilot

We drive the leads, do the follow-up, qualify them, and book them directly on your calendar… all while you’re busy building the business, enjoying your newfound family time, or even spending the weekend at the cabin.

Long Term Growth

Build Your Brand

Unlike Angi Leads, Thumbtack, or other marketing agencies, every step of our system is customized to your unique business.

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